You Want To Dance

You Want To Dance is a cool rhythmic musical track.  It’s a laidback piece.  This song is about whoever wants to let go of the negative things in life and embrace the positive things in life.  This song got really good bass ambiance, backing vocal ambiance, and so on.  Check out this song on SoundCloud before you download it on CDBaby.



Stuck in the Dark

Depression is not something easy for anybody to go through, and so it would feel like you’re stuck in the dark when you have to go through a depression.  Stuck in the dark is a track which speaks to this sort of drama.  It’s a pop-rock musical piece.  Although the topic in which this song is addressing is rather depressive, the beats are kind of upbeat.  I think you could dance to it and feel the beats while drowning in deep thoughts.  Check out this song on SoundCloud.  Download this song on CDBaby.



Sensation is a dance track for a down day in a summertime.  Sometimes, there are days that you feel very very down and you just want to escape.  Such a day you want to feel good and feel the sensation of it all.  Unfortunately, on a down day, you may not be able to feel good.  You may feel empty inside.  On such a day, you may want to dance to the tune of Sensation.  Check out this track on SoundCloud before downloading it on CDBaby.



Do we really know how on earth did we get here? Like, how on earth had we become the top dog of the food chain, and yet we are so mediocre in strength, speed, and whatnot? How on earth had we become so smart, dangerous, and mediocre at the same time? We had become so smart and dangerous to the point we could destroy ourselves with nuclear weapons because we created these nuclear weapons ourselves. Although this is a dance song, it’s rather meaningful and thoughtful. Great beats too!  Check out this song on SoundCloud before downloading on CDBaby.


Feel Good

Dance and move to this track so you can feel good!  Check out this song on SoundCloud before downloading it here.   You can download this track on CDBaby.


Take Me Away

Hard to categorize this, but I guess it’s a pop rock, alternative dance track. Awesome lyrics and nice dance beats.  Check out this track on SoundCloud.  Download this track on CDBaby.


This Is Life

This dance track got really cool, hip dance beat.  Life is good and so this track is too.  Check this dance track out on SoundCloud.  Download this track on CDBaby.


You’re Gonna Be Happier

A sweet, thoughtful, slow, dance-pop song that could get you sway to the beats and feel the meaning all at the same moment.  You can download this song on CDBaby.  Check this song out on SoundCloud before downloading it.


Under A Starry Sky

Great beats to dance to.  Just a lovely dance song really!  Check the song out on SoundCloud.  You can download the song on CDBaby.


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