Dangerous Game

Sometimes, you got to go with the flow and up your game.  Check this song out on SoundCloud.


I Know What You Want

Sometimes, you know what your partner wants, but you just won’t give in — this song is about this whole situation!  Check this song out on SoundCloud.


I Cannot Fly You to the Moon

A groovy indie dance slash pop vibe track which describes a sour relationship.  Check out this song on SoundCloud.


Can You Forgive Yourself?

Sometimes, something is dearest to our heart isn’t being valued by us at all until we lose it for good.  This rap song is about such a thing!  Check this song out on SoundCloud.


A Rock and A Hard Place

Sometimes, a relationship can go so wrong, but yet you still want to make it work. This song is all about understanding your partner.  Check out this song on SoundCloud.


You’re Out of My League

Sometimes, you just have to happen to know someone that you want to fall in love with so much.  This song is all about that feeling!  Check out this song on SoundCloud.


Hungry For Love (Rap)

“Hungry for love” is a song in which I’m genuinely trying to rap for the first time in my life.  Of course, I’m not truly a rapper, but I like to rap from time to time in the shower and so on.  So, it’s not a surprise that I got the idea for this song while I was improvising when taking a shower.  Check out this song on SoundCloud.  This song will also be available elsewhere such as in iTunes soon!


You Know What You Did

“You Know What You Did” is about forgetting the past and moving on. It’s a pop-rock song, but I guess you can also classify it as an Alternative Rock musical piece. This song features strong heavy electric guitar sound.  You can check out this song on SoundCloud.


You Don’t Care

“You Don’t Care” is a Pop Rock slash Alternative song which describes a mood of one’s broken heart.  This is one of the songs that I will be making for my upcoming album.  I will continue to release a few more songs for the upcoming album but the whole album will get released eventually.  I don’t know when I will be able to finish the upcoming album, and so you have to anticipate for that announcement also.  It could be in a year or longer.  If the wind of luck is blessing me, I probably would get the album to be released way before the timeline that I’m just guessing.  For now, enjoy this song on SoundCloud.  In coming days you can also get to listen to this song on Spotify, iTunes and more.


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